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playground.work is proudly Hong Kong’s pioneer lifestyle coworking space that promotes the attitude of work-life balance.  We are a community dedicated for small businesses and mobile working professionals who appreciate that WORK is FUN.

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Hot desk

Great for those who…
  • Enjoy freedom and relaxing work ambience
  • Prefer to have neighbors
  • Need a base to deal with their project documents and administrative chores.

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Private Office

Flexible arrangements for scaling organizations ranging from one-man boss’s room, up to a group of eight.
  • Cater privacy
  • 24/7 access


Event Space

It is flexibly designed to host events of different natures and capacities, such as..
  • Business networking
  • Seminars
  • Mini concert
  • Recreational workshops
  • Private parties
  • Any creative events

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Dedicated Desks

Dedicated Desks are ideal for members requiring a stable work space that comes with cabinet storage and 24/7 access.

Travellers’ Package

Need a comfortable and well equipped work space for your short-term stay in Hong Kong?

Our Travellers’ Package offers flexible and value-for-money hot desk day pass packages to cater for visitors’ needs.


Trial Pass

Want to have a taste of what it is like to work here for a day? Contact us for an arrangement!

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Hello! Nice to Meet All of You

“playground.work treasures us like friends!” Service straight from our heart, providing care-free and highly flexible environment for our members and that’s sense of belongings come from.


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